Michelle Gonzalez

Ms. Gonzalez has served as a member of our board of directors since April 2022.

Ms. Gonzalez is Corporate Vice President and Global Head of M12, Microsoft’s venture capital fund with over 100 active private technology companies in its portfolio, where she leads a team of senior venture capital investors and operating professionals and is responsible for the overall fund strategy, investment decisions and portfolio management. Prior to joining Microsoft and M12, Ms. Gonzalez was the Managing Partner for Area 120, Google’s internal incubator, where she led a transformation of the organization to align the strategy and investment criteria to key thematic areas within and adjacent to Google’s core businesses. Prior to joining Google, Ms. Gonzalez was an entrepreneur-in-residence and investor at Comcast Ventures and was previously a Partner at IBM Ventures and a senior product and business leader at Apple.

Ms. Gonzalez currently serves on the board of directors of Databook and Spycloud. Ms. Gonzalez holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma and a J.D. from Yale Law School.