The TaskUs executive team and Board of Directors are deeply committed to showing progress in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We think of ESG as an extension of our culture. We believe in doing well by doing good and we are committed to integrating positive ESG practices into our business.

We have been a fully cloud-based organization from the start, allowing for an asset-light approach to working with clients. We focus on achieving efficiency in our operations and encouraging recycling, efficient energy usage, and water conservation in our facilities. We also leverage a work-from-home or partial work-from-home model for many of our clients, reducing emissions associated with commuting by our teammates. We believe our partial work-from-home model will allow us to grow our team faster than we grow our facility footprint over time.

TaskUs began with a vision to build a different kind of service provider that would put culture, values and people first. We continue to prioritize this vision every day and believe that by treating our people well, they will deliver a better customer experience, which leads to happy clients and a thriving business. As a result, diversity, equity and inclusion are deeply rooted in our culture and values. We aim to drive innovation and business performance by sourcing talent from diverse backgrounds, enabling leaders to make decisions based on a range of diverse perspectives, nurturing an inclusive environment where we celebrate uniqueness and authenticity, and positively impacting the communities in which we operate. TaskUs encourages individuals of all walks of life regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or social standing to join our team and add to the richness of our diverse culture.

Our Board of Directors sets high standards for all TaskUs employees, officers and directors. Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. It is the duty of the Board to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee the management of the company's business. To discharge this duty and fulfill its responsibilities, the Board follows the procedures and standards that are set forth in guidelines, which are available for download on the Governance page of our website.

Our inaugural TaskUs ESG Report, released in October 2023, showcases the progress we have made so far in our efforts to build a long-term, sustainable company and highlights many of the activities we are undertaking to continue moving forward. In developing the report, we were guided by leading ESG reporting frameworks, such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standard for the Software & IT Services industry and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Our report includes an index with SASB and TCFD-aligned disclosures.

“Just as we earn the trust of clients by investing in the best technology and people to provide best-in-class service, we are equally committed to earning the trust of our many other stakeholders with our commitment to ESG. This ESG report serves as a foundation for building trust by sharing information about how we responsibly manage key aspects of our business."

- Bryce Maddock, TaskUs, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairperson